Find Your Joy

I recently signed up to a free taster course run by Louise Fletcher, I’ve watched a few of her videos on YouTube and thought I’d give it a go.  I didn’t opt to continue with the paid course so can’t say whether I’d recommend, but the freebie is definitely worth signing up for.

The exercise I enjoyed most was one of the first she suggested, taping off a piece of paper into six panels and then using only 3 colours plus white and black spend 30 minutes just playing with colour and shape, tone, texture and tinting.  Its a great way to push yourself around harmonising colours, mixing new colours and generally spotting what works and doesn’t in terms of contrasts, composition and stand out.

It was a bit of a revelation for me and is now how I each session I have in the art room.  A brilliant warm up exercise and really playful – definitely worth having a go!  Just remember to gesso the paper first – it avoids the dreaded masking tape tears.

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