Designing a Book Cover…

Hi everyone, this is Nicola’s husband jumping in for a moment (while she left her account open here…oops).

Just to share with you the cover that Nicola has put together for Noir from the Bar – a crime short anthology I’ve been putting together to raise money for NHS charities.

A tiny bit of background: when the lockdown began I started helping out with Virtual Noir from the Bar – a weekly live event we broadcast where 10 authors read from their work. We’ve had some big names on there: Times, New York Times and Amazon best sellers and our numbers have grown week on week. It’s free to join us and you can sign up for our newsletter to find out more here. You’ll see lots of Nicola’s art all over VnatB – she designed our weekly opening presentation, and the look and feel of our newsletter and sign up pages.

Virtual Noir from the Bar is a free event -any donations we receive beyond the running costs of our equipment we donate to NHS charities. But then we decided to try to do a bit more…so in just six weeks we got 30 of some of the UK-and-beyond’s best crime authors to contribute original short stories.

But no anthology would be any good without a great cover. And so Nicola put together this for us:


I’m sure you’ll agree it looks great, and really captures the look and feel Nicola has helped us develop for Virtual Noir at the Bar.

And of course, it’s not just the cover…it’s the support material any book needs. Nicola has designed up a whole bunch of stuff:

From pre-order announcements:


To posters:


And the design proved so popular others took advantage of it –

NftB-bus stop ad


So this is just me saying thanks to Nicola for all her efforts and I know that she is proud to be part of the project…she even designed a post to show it!


But what all this has really been about -for me compiling the book, the authors who have submitted stories, and for Nicola designing all this great stuff for us – is about raising money for the NHS.

If you would like to contribute a donation by buying the book for £2.99 on Kindle or £10 for the beautiful paperback version you can


Thanks for reading,



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