So as you know if you read my blog regularly I’ve recently being playing around with more abstracted images.  It started as a bit of state break as I was struggling to focus on sketching and found that switching off and just experimenting with mark making really helped me relax.

Some I quite like, others less so but I do now have a bank of papers for future collage so nothing wasted and actually it was really great just to enjoy the process of making rather than worrying too much about how the final piece looked.

That said I actually really like these two that I created.  I think they have a better balance composition wise but also a better balance of colours with much sharper and dark sections alongside the muted tones.  I also like the fact that the marks I scratched into the surface when I was working on the first couple of layers shows through on the final image.

Untitled No.2
Untitled No.1

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