BBC Life Drawing Class

One great thing to come out of this lockdown is the amount of art programmes the BBC and Channel 4 are sharing.  My favourite at the moment is Grayson Perry’s Art Club.  The casualness of the format, the diversity of the art and his brilliant presenting skills make this great viewing even if you’re not a huge fan of art.  But I’ve also loved the museum in quarantine programmes from the BBC, even if they are a stark reminder of the impact COVID-19 is having on the arts.

On Tuesday the BBC also aired a Life Drawing Class, a format they have apparently showed before although one I missed.  I didn’t get to watch it live on Tuesday night so thought I’d catch up last night and watch it on iPlayer.

The programme follows a similar format to the live drawing classes I did years ago – short poses to warm up, followed by longer poses and a plus versus actual classes a range of different models.  My sketches weren’t great – a good reminder that when you’re not practising something regularly you get a bit rusty but it made for a lovely evening and something a bit different.

It’s a great idea but a bit of a faff to watch, particularly as the red button feature doesn’t work on video on demand so when you’re trying to draw along you have to freeze the show and set a timer on your phone.

So next time I think I’ll try and catch it live.

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