Playing with Abstract

I posted a few weeks ago that I was finding it odd that having a bit more time on my hands and more time at home I was really struggling to make the most of it art wise.  I set out some specific challenges one of which was to take advantage of the time by just, well experimenting.  I said I wanted to try my hand at some abstract works and I have – not all of these worked out but I like these ones…..


It was quite liberating, making marks without worrying about how the page looked so I started out with marks and acrylics just to cover the white page and to provide depth to the finished picture.

Fragments No.2

The tough bit was working on the top layers where I had to start thinking about how the finished piece might look but I did think if it didn’t work out I could always use the paper for collage in the future.

Fragments No.3

And I think that’s what I’ll be doing with the last two pieces although no.4 is growing on me

Fragments No.4



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