Rays of Sunshine

I’m sure you have all spotted a few rainbow pictures posted in windows as you have enjoyed your daily walk and many of you may have helped your children create these masterpieces.  Sadly with no children at home I had to make my own, definitely don’t have the charm of the ones I see displayed in houses on our street but hopefully they bring a bit of cheer to walkers.

symbol of hope
Ray of Sunshine

It seems that this trend started in Italy and was designed as a gesture to convey a message of solidarity with the colourful pictures there to cheer up passers-by. The rainbows aim to make people smile, and also offer a message of hope.

Why Rainbows?  Rainbows are used as a symbol of peace and hope as they often appear when the sun follows a heavy rainfall. They serve to remind us that there is hope and light to follow even after dark times.

So to share that message of hope we thought we’d showcase the colourful and creative artworks of some of our staff’s budding artists.

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