Food Series No. 3: Squished in a Tin

Well I took the plunge and entered the RA summer exhibition but sadly didn’t make it through the first judging round – never mind will try again next year and still have the exhibition to look forward to in the summer assuming galleries are still allowed to open by July.

And another unsuccessful quest – trying to find a bottle of hand sanitiser to sketch so instead another in my mini food series.  I unpacked a box of sketchbooks at the weekend and found one of my little square books that I’d started working in but hadn’t completed so thought I’d add to the collection of doodles with another food series sketch, this time a bit more playful – sardines!

Packed as tightly as….

3 thoughts on “Food Series No. 3: Squished in a Tin

  1. Sorry you didn’t make it into the exhibition. I don’t think I’ll be going down to London this year but I would have made the effort if you’d been in it. For what it’s worth I think your work is wonderful so please don’t give up…I’d rather see your drawings than a lot of the things I’ve seen there in the past.


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