Playing with Paper Mache

So with the spare room finished the only missing piece was something to stand in the fireplace as it’s not going to be used. I started with a very basic plan. I needed something quite large to hide some bricks that show on the side so thought I’d turn this into a project.  Not sure what it’ll end up looking like so could end up … Continue reading Playing with Paper Mache

Marbling and Book Binding Workshop

So having moved back up to the North East I realised that my usual go to’s for workshops and general art play aren’t that accessible any more so thought I’d check out what is available so a couple of weeks ago I signed up for a half day workshop at The Biscuit Factory.  The session was focused on marbling and some basic book binding. The … Continue reading Marbling and Book Binding Workshop


RA Summer Exhibition

I’ve been going to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy every year for the past 10 years. I love the eclectic mix of pictures especially when the curator hangs works on mass in some of the mixed rooms – always so much more engaging than the tastefully curated rooms showing only RA members work.  If I wanted a traditional exhibition experience I can see … Continue reading RA Summer Exhibition