Hanging Pictures

One of the nicer aspects of moving is that you get to take a fresh look at all your possessions and decide what you keep, what ends up at the charity shop and where you want to place things which is particularly nice when it comes to the pictures and art you have.

I love the illustrator Arthur Rackham and over the years I’ve bought various books and prints containing his work some of which I framed and hung in various rooms in our old house. As we were sorting out pictures I decided to hang these in one of our spare rooms and keep this as a consistent theme in the room.

The room itself still needs decorating but my dad did a great job in stripping the multiple layers of paint off the fireplace so I thought I might detract attention from the scuffed walls by hanging some pictures and it gives me the opportunity to make sure I have them in the right place before we paint so I can now admire his brilliant illustration work whenever I want!

Rackham 2

The quality of the photographs isn’t great so if you’d like to see better reproductions of his work I’ve posted about Rackham previously – link

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