Art Room

A bit of a different post today – no doodles just a plea for some help.

For the first time I now have a really good size room to transform into an art room or studio. In our old house I had the box room which we usually ended up dumping things in so it ended up being more of a storage space than a usable art room.

The challenge I have is that faced with more space I’m struggling to decide how best to set things up.  Clearly the first thing I need to do is tidy up and clear out anything that shouldn’t be in the room but aside from that does anyone have any tips?  Any useful storage ideas or suggestions for office layout, furniture, etc.

It’s an attic room so sloping ceilings and beams and not much wall space but fantastic views.

It’s not out top priority in terms of sorting the house so it’ll be a few months before I can really focus on it and I need to sort out shelves for books in other rooms in the house hence the collection of unopened boxes but if anyone has any words of wisdom I’d be very grateful for any suggestions and I promise once it is sorted I’ll post some pics


One thought on “Art Room

  1. Hi Nic, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram
    If you enter studio room/art room on Pinterest, or shelving in attic rooms etc, whatever you want to look for, lots will come up.
    Happy planning, I’m sure you will work it to suit your needs and how lovely to have so much space with fantastic views and a beach just outside 😘
    Love Sas xx
    PS I used to dream of having a writers garret in the attic, just like Jo in Little Women 😂 xx

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