Camera Series No.15

I probably should have clustered these as a 30 day challenge but its nice to have a familiar theme to keep returning to when I’m struggling with inspiration. I was interesting in trying to capture the textured pattern on the face which was bobbly in appearance, the gridlines doesn’t really reflect it accurately but it does give a sense of texture. Continue reading Camera Series No.15


Gin Series No. 2

Following on from my Bombay Sapphire sketch here’s an equally colourful gin bottle, this time Grapefruit flavoured. A bit about the history of gin – it started out as a herbal medicine and dates back to the middle ages and whilst it is seen as the quintessentially English drink apparently we have the dutch to thank for its introduction into the UK.     Continue reading Gin Series No. 2


Happy Chinese New Year

So this year is apparently the year of the rat – the inspiration for today’s doodle. Here’s a few facts about Chinese New Year There is no set date for Chinese New Year: According to the Lunar calendar, the Spring Festival is on January 1st and lasts until the 15th (the full moon). Unlike western holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving , when you calculate … Continue reading Happy Chinese New Year

Lucky Cat

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year so thought I’d check what I doodled last year which was a lucky cat (or Maneki-neko which I believe is the Japanese name) ornament so thought this time I’d try just drawing from imagination.  I prefer my copied sketch more than this one but as drawing from imagination is one of the challenges I’ve set myself this year thought I’d … Continue reading Lucky Cat