2020 Calendar: On Trend Colours

For the last few years I have created a load of downloadable calendars, mainly because I still like to have a physical calendar in the house to catch arrangements my husband and I have made to meet with friends or as a reminder of friends and family birthdays so I thought I’d create a few different format designs for 2020.

The first – probably one of my favourites is a very minimalist design using the colours that have been flagged as on trend for 2020 according to Italian Bark who were awarded the “Best Colour Inspiration Blog” at the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018 and listed in the Top Global 25 interior blogs by The Huffington Post.

On Trend Colours
2020 Colour Trends

Each month is a different colour but I’ve kept them nice and simple, with the option of a big punchy month or a more subtle version, hope you like them……

Version 1

On Trend Colour version 1.png

Downloadable PDF – 2020 Calendar On Trend Colour version 1

2020 calendar printables
Calendar printables

Version 2

On Trend Colour version 2.png

downloadable PDF – 2020 Calendar On Trend Colour version 2

2020 Calendar – On Trend Colours

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