Day 100, 100 Day Challenge

Well first up I never thought I’d make it through the full 100 but I did – woohooo!

For the last day of the challenge and I couldn’t decide what sketch to finish with so I’ve gone with two – not sure if this is cheating 101 day challenge doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  So here are my daily doodles – ‘All Dressed Up” and ‘Give Me a Minute’.



So what did I learn from the challenge?

I was expecting it to be a lot harder to stick to but as I picked a theme that I knew I liked and importantly didn’t take me too much time I actually really enjoyed completing this challenge.  I did dip around the 60 mark and again as I was getting towards the end but I expected this to be a lot more difficult.

The real plus for me was that when I had sometime to sketch instead of spending half of the time thinking about what to draw I already had a brief so the blank page wasn’t quite so daunting, the challenge was finding a different pose or different facial features so the sketches weren’t duplicates.

I did cheat a little as I found that at the weekend when I had more time I could create more images than I needed which meant when I was struggling or sketched something I really didn’t like I had a few spares completed that helped me cover the odd day although I didn’t do this too often as it would have defeated the purpose (other than the week when I was in Edinburgh) as I also wanted to make sure that I started posting stuff I wasn’t too happy with.  It does mean I have quite a few sketches still to photograph, scan and post so managed to complete way over 100.

Picture Wall

Artistically I think my drawing improved although I did find myself falling into a pattern style wise so often needed to refer back to previous sketches to give me a kick start to get back to more illustrative style of drawing.  All in all I really enjoyed the 100 days, although I hadn’t really taken on board how long 100 days was, I had a bit of dip around the 60ish mark but managed to pick it back up.

The downside of the challenge which I hadn’t anticipated was that I found it hard to draw other things – so whilst I think my drawing of mini outline sketches improved I do think it had a bit of negative effect on my other drawing.  Around the 40s to midway mark I found myself in a bit of dip where I could draw the sketches needed for the challenge but really struggled drawing other things in a different style.  Bizarrely it also meant when I had more time to draw actually deciding on what I would sketch felt even more of a challenge but this may just be because I was finding it so easy with the challenge.

But all in all I would certainly consider an exercise like this again – maybe collage for the next one and perhaps not such a long challenge – I read a blog by Karen Abend recently and she’s just completed a 30 collages in 30 days so might give that one a go but for the next few weeks I’m taking a break and going freestyle in my sketchbook.

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