Urban Sketching

So last year I did a couple of online art courses and one of them was on urban sketching.  I have to say online courses are great in terms of the convenience but no where near as beneficial as actual classes where you get feedback on your work.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the course but with these things I generally look for the good takeouts and from this just a better understanding of what urban sketching is was a bit of an eye opener.

So lets start with the basics – urban Sketching is simply drawing/painting on location.  Its about capturing scenes from direct observation rather than using photographic reference.

The Urban Sketchers organisation is a non-profit organisation.  A  global community of artists who capture life around them and share their art.   If you’re interested check out Facebook and see if they have a group near you, it gives you the opportunity to share your work but if they’re an active group you’ll also find that they often organise trips and painting sessions in your local area.

The main challenges I find with urban sketching are firstly packing an economical and light set of supplies and secondly finding somewhere comfortable to perch when drawing, ideally out of the gaze of passers by.

If you’re thinking of giving it a go there’s a bunch of useful resources to help you decide on what kit to take with you.

Urban sketching supplies from Strathmore

Some of my doodles….

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