Blank Sketchbook Anxiety

I know I started another new sketchbook recently but I do like to have a couple on the go at once – especially different shape and size books.

Also I read a great blog recently where the blogger, @Kristin Wauson, was sharing her experience of blank sketchbook anxiety – the fear of “messing” up a beautiful new sketchbook.  You can read the article here.

Her solution was to buy cheaper, softback, sketchbooks – mine is to dive in and just get the first page done which usually means a quick sketch of the art materials I have to hand.  I think it also helps that I tend to have several books, generally all different sizes and paper types, on the go at once.

Here’s my latest first page to break that anxiety in a little square sketchbook.

Blank page anxiety

and here’s a whole collection of other first pages


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