Day 52, 100 Day Challenge

So I’m past the halfway mark in this 100 day challenge so what I’ve learned so far….

First up 100 days is a long challenge, I think for my first project of this type it was maybe a bit ambitious.  I don’t think I fully thought through that it would last over 3 months but that said I’m definitely up for finishing it.  I think if I do try another challenge in the future then I’ll probably go for one around a 30 day stretch.

Selecting a focus that I can do with a very limited amount of time is key.  I don’t think I would have been able to stick to the challenge if I’d picked an art focus where I needed over an hour each day to complete.  The mini sketches are great as I can complete one in about half an hour which during the week when I’m working is completely do-able.  I did give myself a bit of insurance by drawing a couple of extra sketches on the weekends when we didn’t have other activities planned which meant if I did struggle for the odd day I could still keep up with posting a new sketch each day.  That said I have draw each day which was part of the reason for doing this, its just sometimes the end drawing wasn’t great so the fillers really helped.

Impact on my drawing – a bit mixed if I’m honest.  I think my mini sketches are improving – the illustration type one are getting a bit quirkier which I wanted and the others are better likeness’ of the photo reference but the impact on my drawing in general hasn’t necessarily been positive as I’ve struggled a bit to draw other things and not down to a lack of time.

All in all enjoying the challenge and finding it relatively easy to do.  So for  day 52, I thought I’d go with a little girl in a striped pinafore and a more cartoonish style.

day 2

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