Garden Lantern

I mentioned earlier in the week that the weather was great last weekend but my focus was pretty rubbish so not the most productive Saturday and Sunday sketching wise.  That said there’s nothing nicer than drawing in the garden when the sun is shining and you have a day free so I took the opportunity to do just that.  I wasn’t really in mood to sketch the plants and after a few quick sketches of the shed and some plant pots I decided to draw one of the garden lanterns we had in the shed.

It started out ok – the sketch was pretty good in terms of proportions.

But when I came to painting I screwed it up a bit – not enough white paper showing through so the finished sketch looks a bit dead but all the art books tell us to embrace rubbish sketches so thought I’d post it.

Learnings – look more – the glass wasn’t blue and yellow; leave more paper showing through; pay more attention to the tones and highlights.


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