Alice Day and Day 27

Today is Alice Day, a day to celebrate the enduring appeal of the work of Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll.  So my day 27 sketch has a distinctly Alice feel.

day 27 scan

So the history goes it was on a sunny afternoon on 4 July 1862 that, Charles Dodgson, an Oxford don, took the Liddell children, including a 10-year-old Alice Liddell on a boating picnic up the River Thames. To keep the children entertained Dodgson told them a story about a little girl, who was bored by a day at a riverbank and through her boredom  finds herself tumbling down a rabbit hole into a topsy-turvy world called Wonderland.

The original  handwritten manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground is now in the British Library and is available to view on their website.

Not the best sketch to celebrate the occasion so thought I’d also post a few of my previous Alice works….

and if you’d like a free Alice themed activity book you can find a download here

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