Uninspired Weekend

So this weekend was a bit of an usual one for me. I found myself with a full 2 days without any plans and no jobs that needed to be done – perfect! Well not quite.

Usually I’m desperately trying to find half an hour in my day to draw or paint but this weekend I had two full days and just couldn’t get myself in the right frame of mind. Maybe I need deadlines and time pressure to get me started, or maybe this weekend was just a blip I don’t know.

What it did give me was some time to reflect on why I started this blog and have a think about whether it’s still relevant.

I haven’t said much about myself in previous posts so here’s a quick overview.

I’m married and live in Leamington Spa which is a beautiful town in Warwickshire which is in the middle of the UK. The town is small enough to walk around in a couple of hours but big enough to have great amenities so we have a wealth of restaurants, lush out parks, shops and bars all within a short distance and it’s very pretty, packed full of my favourite architectural buildings in regency style.


I work full time as a marketing director which is quite a demanding job as I have a team of over 60 people so with that come highs and lows. I work in the live events industry so my job is ever changing depending on what we have going on in our venues and I also get access to some amazing events.

My job means my free time is limited but I love to draw, paint and generally just make stuff. I always loved creative and craft projects as a child but stopped all of this when I went to university and started work. About 10 years I felt like something was missing, and realised that I wasn’t exercising that creative gene enough so bought myself some sketchbooks and tried to start drawing again. It was an absolute disaster, I realised that after 20 years of neglect my artistic skills had gone backwards and when compared to my teenage sketches my drawings were awful.

Whether it was because I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be or because of stuff happening at work I just couldn’t make drawing a habit so after a couple of years of on and off I enrolled in some life drawing classes I to try and give myself some structure. Life drawing highlights even more how poor my drawing was but it did help me to draw more often and after a couple of years I was drawing at least once or twice a month and really enjoying it.

I started the blog a few years ago for two reason the first was it was another structure to ‘force’ me to make art more of a daily routine and the second to get over a fear of failure. I thought if I posted good and bad sketches it would stop me focusing on trying to create something perfect and just accept that for me the real benefit of drawing and making art isn’t the end result but more the enjoyment of creating. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else but it’s really helped me.

Now I find myself at a bit of cross roads do I keep this up or do I revert to art just being a personal thing?  Anyone else been true something similar?

I haven’t spent much time in trying to grow my blog or my followers on Instagram and as a marketer I know that I do a tonne of things that would be classified as bad practice so I guess the other option is to sharpen up my marketing and sort out my channels. Not sure which I want to do so for now just expect more of the same.

One thought on “Uninspired Weekend

  1. Hi well I haven’t commented for quite some time, I always look at your posts and check out your drawings but life for me has seen lots of changes in the last year and has been full on with all sorts of things and so I don’t always have the chance to comment… Life can simply get in the way of my art/crafts but I think my blog writing shows that, very sporadic but when I’m in the mood I enjoy writing things up… So my point is if you enjoy your blog writing then carry on do what you want to do.. If you want more interaction with fellow artists then yes I think maybe more promoting would be ideal otherwise just carry on doing what you are doing….
    Sorry I am not sure of your real name as I don’t see you sign your posts I think that may help a little on others getting to know you a little better… My name is Elaine btw 😁😁
    Hope that helps a little… Oh and it was very nice getting to know you a little more.
    Leamington is a very pretty place ❤️

    Bye for now
    E x


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