100 Day Challenge Day 1

So I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently reading other people’s blogs and also looking through different artists, illustrators and general sketching enthusiasts Instagram accounts for some inspiration.  I really wanted to set myself a challenge and did for a bit consider giving the hundred heads in 10 days a shot but most of those who have completed this seem to be full time creatives or students and as I have a full time job as a Marketing Director I didn’t think I’d be able to find the time so decided to leave this one for a later date when I’m on holiday and can dedicate a decent amount of time each day.

So, given how much I love doing the mini sketches each Monday and they are something I can do even with a limited amount of time I thought I’d create my own 100 day challenge – 100 mini sketches in 100 days.

I’ve already created a load of these mini sketches and really enjoyed drawing and painting them so I’m more confident that I’ll be able to keep this up.

I checked out a few 100 day project websites but it seems I’ve missed the start dates one started on the 2nd April and the other 20th January so today is my day 1 – maybe not the strongest drawing to start but I’m guessing if I want to keep to the 100 drawings I’m going to end up with a mix of those I’m happy with and others less so.

mini sketch 22

Reading other people’s blogs and various websites the idea sounds great –  a way to jump start your creativity and make drawing a daily habit but I’m guessing once I get to around day 30 I may start to flag. But I do like the idea of exploring a single idea every day for about three months and by coming back to the same thing over and over, it will force me to reinvent the idea (i.e. mini sketches) in ways that are interesting, well at least interesting to me.

I’ve decided to post them on the blog each day because I think this will make sure I stay the course.

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