Art Books

So book three on my plan was to read a Chris Riddell book.  I love Riddell’s illustration style so purchased his Doodles a Day without really checking what the book was, turns out that rather than great insights on illustration it is actually one of those books that gives you prompts and space to draw so not a lot to read.

That said it is a charming little book peppered with Riddell illustrations

Riddell spread

and definitely one I’ll take along on days when I might have a few moments to doodle or just when sat in front of the TV and lacking inspiration to sketch.

As the Chris Riddell books didn’t turn out to be informative sketching books and I really loved Felix Scheinberger’s Urban Watercolours I thought I’d read his book “Dare to Sketch. A guide to Drawing on the Go”.  Like his other book it’s an easy read, packed full of beautiful sketches.  But for another who has already purchased or read Urban Watercolour I’d probably give this one a swerve unless you’re a real beginner.

Dare to sketch 2

It is full of practical tips about art supplies, composition, different drawing subjects, etc but much more basic than his other book.

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