Running a Drawing Group

So this week was a first for me – I ran a drawing group at work.  Completely outside my comfort zone which seemed a bit bizarre as I love to draw but whether it was because it was for work colleagues or just because it was first time I found myself really nervous.  If you’d asked me to stand in front of 50 people and present on brand or marketing I wouldn’t have batted an eye lid but this one had me panicking a bit the night before.

It was part of a programme for our mental health awareness week activities.  We thought we’d run a load of different taster sessions to get people thinking about different techniques they could use to switch off from work or the stresses of life so it sat alongside yoga, walking in the woods, zen for ten, etc.

When I agreed I had no idea what I’d do with the group or if anyone would turn up but we had a full group with some having to bring in extra chairs and alongside just talking about drawing, resources you can use, equipment, etc I set the team a few basic exercises like a blind contour, continuous line portrait drawing, drawing with your dominant hand then switching to your non dominant, a negative space drawing and even got the guys creating drawings in pairs.

All in all whilst it was a bit rough around the edges it seems to go well and the feedback was positive.

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