Happy 50th Birthday

So today is my husband’s 50th birthday and as he didn’t want a party or generally any fuss we’ve gone with a fortnight long celebration of little events.

We kicked off on Saturday 11th with a fabulous lunch at the Oyster Club in Birmingham


followed by Hollywood Babble-On live at Symphony Hall, Birmingham.


Not part of my regular listening but definitely one of Simon’s.  The show was pretty good although a lot of the audience were somewhat worse for wear and quite leering and shoutie which spoiled it a bit.

I’m feeling very guilty as I’m off to see Take That with the girls tonight (well other middle aged women) so leaving him home alone but as I’ve arranged a weekend in Port Isaac, Cornwall along with dinner at Nathan Outlaw’s award winning star restaurant in a couple of weeks it eases my guilt a little.

Oh and the card is a joint effort from Joe and I – quite pleased with the finished result, surprising what you can do in PowerPoint, who needs Moonpig!

Simon's card


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