Art Book

So back to my plan – reviewing art books.  As I loved Danny Gregory’s book Everyday Matters I treated myself to another of his books this time – Art Before Breakfast.

We had an incredibly sunny few days here in the UK in April over the Easter bank holiday so it seemed the perfect time to indulge in a bit of reading.

This book is very different to his first which was more of a visual journal, not only does this book give you an explanation of why drawing makes you happier but it is also packed full of practical suggestions and prompts to get you started.


Peppered in amongst those ideas are step by steps on techniques but rather than stuffy theory they are presented as very simple practical exercises.

For me the measure of a great book on sketching – is when you have to keep putting it down because you’ve just read an idea that you want to try out immediately so you don’t forget and this book definitely ticks that box.

If you only ever buy one book on drawing I’d make it this one!


And with such a beautiful day it seemed a shame not to end the day with a lovely gin and tonic


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