National Tea Day

Today is National Tea Day and as I never say no to a cup of tea and teapots and cups of tea are my “go to” sketching choices when I’m struggling to think of what to draw I had to create a tea themed post for today.   This year they’re even hosting a festival for tea lovers!

So as I’ve been posting a load of sketches of cups and tea pots I thought I’d try something a bit different so instead of filling a sketchbook page I created some scamps and scanned them in to create a pattern.

tea scamps.jpg

I’ve seen some sites that create merchandise from your pattern designs – cushions, tea towels, fabric in general, etc not sure I’m happy enough with this one but will definitely give this a go again.

tea time pattern3

tea time pattern2.png

#loveoftea, #sketchbook, #illustration,

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