Travel Sketches

On Wednesday I was in London for business and unusually for me didn’t have a sketchbook in my bag.  Basically I realised as I was preparing for the day that along with phones, ipad, work papers, etc my bag was starting to weigh a ton for sacrificed my sketchbook and pencil case for the day.

Usually I’m a bit hesitant about sketching when out and about but maybe because I only had a biro and my work notebook my finished sketches are a bit bolder and actually the first sketch (the one on the right) even has a really strong resemblance to the subject.

Train sketches

I sketched the two guys sitting opposite me on the train, the one on the left was dozing whilst listening to his music and the passenger sat in front of me spent the entire journey texting on his phone so didn’t notice me scribbling.

The second sketch, the one of the guy sleeping, wasn’t as good in part because the passenger sitting next to me had realised I was sketching so was keeping a keen eye on what I was doing which always makes me a bit self conscious.

I also found myself at the meeting venue too early so had time to sort through my emails whilst having a lovely cup of tea.  Again just a biro sketch so I added a bit of colour with markers when I got home.

Tea for one



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