Off Script

Last week I posted a blog showcasing some Kindle book cover designs that I created for my husband.  At the time I wasn’t sure when he’d be publishing the book but am pl;eased to announce that it is now available at Amazon – currently on Kindle and, if you have it, Kindle Unlimited.

The collection consists of four scripts – each about 20 minutes long in length, and each designed to be filmed on ultra-low budgets with minimum cast/ locations. In addition, each script comes with a couple of pages of notes which consider thematic and practical considerations, film references, and a link to a downloadable shooting script in pdf format from this website.

As well as the scripts themselves, the book contains the short stories which formed the basis for two of the scripts to allow the reader to see the difference between prose and shooting scripts.  He has also included a short story, a list of recommended film scripts  and a short glossary of some of the more common film terms.

So what are the stories about?

The Accidental Call – one man gets one of those annoying “Did you have an accident that wasn’t your fault?” phone calls. But this call takes a very strange turn…

Earning Wings – a man walking home comes across a man contemplating the darkest hour of his soul. It will be a night neither of them forgets…if they make it through.

Male Fraud – a philandering young man has lived his life as a lie…but how far will those lies take him?

The Boot – a young couple attend their first car boot sale, where everything is for sale…at a price.

Off Script is available from today on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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