Favourite Female Artist

As today (8th March) is International Women’s day I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few of my favourite women artists.

Its interesting my top 5 (Schiele, Bacon, Giacommetti, Freud and Lowry – the 5th tends to change from time to time) are all men and I hadn’t really thought about how dominated the market is by men.

Jenny Saville – one of the YBA I was lucky enough to see a collection of her work up close and personal in New York a few years ago.

Maggi Hambling – another British artist but also well known as a sculpture.  I love the energy in her work and also watching interviews with her as she’s so uncompromising.

Marlene Dumas – this time a South African artist.  I tend to have a love and hate relationship with her work but one thing it always does is make me think.

Joan Eardley – a Scottish artist this time.  I came across her work on Pinterest and absolutely love her paintings of Glasgow’s children.  They manage to combine the grimness and charm of the time.

Margaret Mackintosh – widely known for being the wife of Rennie Mackintosh but a brilliant artist in her own right

Happy International Women’s Day!

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