Isaac’s First Watercolours

I usually complete and scheduled a few weeks of my blog posts in advance so if I’m struggling on time or just don’t get a picture finished I always have something to post.  I generally do try to draw each day but with the shorter days in winter I usually leave the photographing of the sketches to the weekend so I can capitalise on the daylight which means a few hours on a Sunday afternoon drafting and scheduling posts for the week ahead.

This weekend we travelled up to Newcastle to see family.  It was my mum’s birthday through the week and my search for a suitable present had been unsuccessful so I thought I’d take her shopping and she could choose some things herself.

As well as shopping and a nice meal I also got some time with my nephews and spent several hours with Isaac the youngest, drawing and painting.  His levels of concentration amazed me and considering how long it took me to get the hang of watercolour the amount of detailed brush work was a real shock.


My personal favourites were his coloured pencil alien and his painting of Harry Potter.

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