Illustration Nation

I had this on my plan for 2019 – complete an online course.

I’ve done a couple of online courses one of which was the urban sketching course from sketchbook skool so I thought I’d try another of their courses. Whilst I really enjoyed the urban sketching one and learnt a lot this one didn’t really hit the mark for me.

The concept is great, they have a load of different sketchers, illustrators and artists and their course takes you through the process of developing a creative brief, creating ideas, developing mood boards and thinking about the style, planning the layout and then refining the final piece. And the diversity of styles from the tutors is really good, I particularly love Jonathan Twingley’s work but it just lacks something and was, well just a bit boring and offered very little tuition.

The homework was ok and tends to be where you learn the most but overall if you’re considering doing one of their courses I’d pick a different one!


Probably the best thing I took from the course was looking at the diverse styles of the illustrators who are interviewed.  So, personally I’d save your money and just check out these sites and perhaps see what videos you can find on YouTube.

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