Mary Queen of Scots

I watched a video on YouTube recently where the tutor was playing around with collage. It’s a medium I have only used a couple of times and mostly in a very structured way to construct a single image so I thought I’d give it ago.

Sadly having recently cleared out our magazine rack I was struggling to find anything to cut up so was left with a few Sunday supplements and some Waitrose food magazine but the ad for the new Mary Queen of Scots film caught my eye.

I really fancy watching this movie but suspect my husband will be less keen on a period drama so will either have to do a solo visit or wait until it’s out on iTunes. I love this period of history – action, politics, intrigue, sex and religion what more could you ask for.

Any way back to the collage, it was on this date in 1587 that Mary Queen of Scots met her untimely death allegedly on the order of her cousin Queen Elizabeth I so what better excuse. It’s no great piece and I really should have put more thought into incorporating elements of significance in her life rather than just images I liked but I did have fun making it, it’s a bit like being a kid again so definitely something I’ll do again.

mary queen of scots

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