Bye, Bye January

and quite honestly good riddens!

I think it’s fair to say that January hasn’t been a great start to 2019 for me. Over Christmas my sight started to deteriorate, something that I actually noticed back in October 2018 but in December it definitely took a turn for the worse. By January 1st I couldn’t open my left eye and the pain was excruciating.

A trip to eye casualty revealed an ulcer on my eye and a flaking corneal. The NHS were amazing, despite being significantly understaffed and underfunded which for me meant a full day in casualty most of which involved waiting in one queue or another. A small procedure to scrape part of my corneal away, a rather unpleasant act but one which several days later paid back in pain relief and several further visits to the eye hospital along with a ridiculously complex schedule for numerous tablets and eye drops seems to have got me on the right track.


Several weeks on and the facial spasms have stopped, the burning pain like needles being dragged over my eye are a distant memory and the headaches are easing up. My vision still isn’t great but apparently scar tissue takes time so I need to be patient.

Thankfully I tend to plan ahead so had scheduled my January posts in December although now I’m somewhat behind on stockpiling posts for the rest of the year.

So taking some inspiration from Danny Gregory here’s my sketch….

medicine sketch

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