One of the goals I set myself this year was to watch more videos online about different illustrators, sketchers and artists generally.  I did enrol in a Sketchbook Skool course Illustration Nation which I didn’t enjoy but as I enjoyed the course I did last year (Urban Sketching) I thought I’d check out some of their free resources on YouTube.

The videos seem to fall into a number of different categories – some are as you’d expect promoting courses but they also have Draw Tip Tuesday – a short format tip each week and also Sketchbook Club – longer format video (generally 20-30mins) where they review sketchbooks – definitely worth checking these out.

I realised after disappearing down the YouTube rabbit hole that a number of the books they cover are actually books I’d already bought like Felix Scheinberger, David Gentleman, Tommy Kane  and Dan Price so given I seem to share a similar taste with one of the guys at Sketchbook Skool I’ve now logged the other videos for watching when I have some spare time.

The one that inspired today was No.8 titled Obsessions (hence the title of my blog post) where Danny Gregory the founder talked about two artists I’d never heard of.  The first an American artist called Donald Evans who is famous for creating postage stamps fro fictional countries and the second Gregory Blackstock who was an autistic artist who drew collections of items.  I found a few of his works on Pinterest and pasted them into my sketchbook as my memory is terrible and thought it might inspire me in the future.


Now as a hoarder I have collected far too many things over the years so thought I’d give drawing a collection of the same object a go…..

nail varnish