Everyday Matters

So as one of my 2019 plans was to start reading some of the books I have from other artists, illustrators or sketchers I thought I’d start with Danny Gregory’s “Everyday Matters: a Memoir”.  It’s described as a graphic memoir which is pretty accurate.

The book is a very honest account of some of the major and not so major goings on in Danny’s life and combines both an interesting story and some great sketches.

What I loved….

  • his bravery in sharing the emotions he experienced through a tragic event
  • his ability to find beauty and interest in everyday objects, e.g. the signs he sees on his way home, the insides of his medicine cabinet, etc
  • his willingness to share great but also not so great sketches
  • his use of his own handwritten text and the confidence of his writing style
  • his confidence in mark making – very different to my own where I tend to use the pen like a pencil too wispy and tentative or too solid

and finally would I recommend it?  Absolutely!  Its a great read and inspirational for more than just the sketching, check it out.

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