Calligraphy Workshop

Back in November last year I attended a half day Calligraphy workshop.  It came about as a college at work mentioned she had attended in preparation for writing her wedding invites and whilst I’m not planning a wedding, calligraphy is something I’ve always fancied trying.  I bought myself a pen and “how to” book at the start of 2018 but tried it once and pretty much gave up so I thought a workshop format might give me a bit more of an incentive.

The session was organised by Feather and Flourish, a local business set up by a woman who was inspired after completing her own wedding invites to take the brave step to setting up her own business.  She creates stationery for weddings and other special occasions as well as selling calligraphy supplies and running workshops.  If you live in the West Midlands and fancy giving it a go check out her site as she runs workshops fairly regularly in Solihull and Birmingham.

The one I attended took place at Lost and Found on a bright autumnal Saturday morning.  There were 14 of us at the session, most in small groups and all except one female but a good mix of ages and a rather nice way to spend a few hours.  Heather walked us through the basics of modern calligraphy, supplied us with a range of supplies, including some helpful letter guides and then we got to practice with some one-on-one advice as we worked through the practice sheets.

In the three hours we pretty much mastered the basics – certainly enough to be able to write greetings in cards and also enjoyed some afternoon tea.

Since attending I’ve practiced a bit more and whilst I’m still very much at a basic level its something I’m keen to keep going with and certainly comes with a lot less mess than my usual artistic endeavours.

My first attempts…

I also created a spread in my sketchbook to keep a record of the day

calligraphy sketchbook spread

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