Kicking Off Succulent Saturdays

When it comes to choosing house plants my tastes to date have been pretty limited.

In most of the rooms of our house you will find a Peace Lily (botanical name Spathiphyllum).  Apparently despite the commonly known name they aren’t actually lilies but are in fact a member of the Araceae family and according to NASA they are one of the “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants.”

I tend to opt for these plants for two reason – the first I love the white flower and it lasts for weeks and secondly they are really easy to care for – in fact when they need water they actually tell you as the leaves start to droop so they are one of the few plants I don’t kill.

The other plant that you’ll find in several rooms of our house are Money Plants which I believe have the botanical name of Crassula Ovata and I think some people call them the jade plant which makes sense. According to Wikipedia they flower although I’ve never had flowers off any of mine.  I’ve had one of these since my university days and can definitely recommend them for those who don’t have green fingers as mine survived having beer poured into it, being ignored for weeks on end and several house moves.

Money plants are evergreen succulents and are generally considered lucky and are popular feng shui plants.  It seems that the most popular feng shui plants are evergreens with round, heart-shaped, thick and succulent looking leaves and the Money or Jade plant fits this criteria.  It is a popular good luck charm in Asia and is believed to activate financial energies.

Whether you believe this or not they have always been my choice and for years they were the only variant of cactus I would consider but over the past few years cactus have become the on-trend plant.  You can’t fail to miss their appearance in the high street in a whole host of design items from kitchen wear to stationery.  In fact according to the Trend Bible their playful motif is bang on trend, replacing the pineapple in the tropical trend stakes.  As a result of this I’ve made a number of impulse purchases over the past eighteen month often driven by the appeal of beautiful ceramic pots so have quite a healthy collection of little succulents scattered around the house – most of which are still clinging on to life.

So I may be a few years behind the trend setters but as a sketchbook exercise I thought I’d challenge myself over the next few weeks to a few cactus sketches, so today is the start of a mini series entitled “Succulent Saturdays”!  So to kick this off I thought I’d start with a sketch of one of my money plants……

succulent 6


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