Great Art Blog

So I’m not one for new year’s resolutions but this year I’m determined to find time to read and explore art blogs and videos from others.

I love finding new art blogs and some of my favourites are those posted by art suppliers/retailers and groups who offer online courses.  You’ve may have noticed some of the Cass blogs that I’ve linked to in the past – Cass are my favourite art shops!

They invest in really great quality content as it helps them to market their products and services but even if you’re not looking to buy they’re a great source of inspiration.

I stumbled on this site – Strathmore (art supplier) and they have a load of great content and a mix of video and photographic step by steps.  Some of my favourites……

Draw a Story – a step by step on watercolour illustration

Draw a story.JPG

Watercolour tips for beginners – ok it was the prime focus on art supplies which isn’t surprising but a good reminder for those who use watercolour and a nice little starter for thos looking to experiment.

watercolour tips.jpg

Slap-Dash Noodle Doodle – a playful technique for creating art and exploring your imagination


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