Handmade Christmas Gift

This is a bit of recycled blog post as I originally posted this in February but I thought it might be an idea for a last minute Christmas gift or failing that a Christmas craft project to keep the children busy whilst they’re off school. Perfect for a family member or friend with young-ish children – why not create a personalised board game. You’ll find … Continue reading Handmade Christmas Gift

First Issue of Vogue

Founded in 1892, by American business man, Arthur Turnure, Vogue started out a as a weekly newspaper in the US.  The first issue was published today and sold for 10 cents. The publication was targeted to the wealthy of New York and covered everything from fashion through to sports and leisure activities and a who’s who of social gatherings. Some of the old covers are amazing pieces … Continue reading First Issue of Vogue

Happy Hundertwasser Day!

Ok not a widely recognised celebration but when I was rummaging in a discount book store and I came across a great book on Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser, an Austrian born artist and architect who I’d never heard of previously. And coincidently he was born on this date in 1928. His art and architect is really distinctive – organic shapes and structures and really vivid bright … Continue reading Happy Hundertwasser Day!

2019 Calendar

The 2018 calendars I created were really popular last year and earlier this year so for 2019 I thought I’d create a few different designs.  Last week I posted a writing themed calendar, this week I thought I’d go with something a bit different. They’re all free as downloadable PDFs so if you find something you like, please help yourself. This design is a very … Continue reading 2019 Calendar