Peter Pan Stage Right

Apparently on this date in (27th December) in 1904 Peter Plan was first performed as a play at the Duke of York theatre in London

The stars of the play were Gerald du Maurier (father of the author Daphne du Maurier) as Captain Hook and Mr Darling and Nina Boucicault as Peter.

The play was a success with London audiences so was taken across the ocean to New York where it opened on Broadway in 1905 and ran for over 10 years.

The script was edited several times by Barrie until in 1928 it was published in the format we’re all familiar with. In 1929 Barrie then gifted the copyright for the story to Great Ormond Street Hospital – creating a second legacy

Peter Pan is one of my favourite children’s stories and I just love the illustrations by Arthur Rackham (I have several copies of the book) – one of my all time favourite illustrators so I did a bit of googling.

The name Peter Pan is believed to derive from two different sources…

  • Peter, the name of one of the Llewelyn Davies boys who inspired the story (interestingly the boys were first cousins of Daphne du Maurier)
  • Pan – from Greek mythology, a creature half man and half goat

The animated Disney film believe it or not opened in 1953 that makes it a whopping 65 years old!

Oh and here’s my sketch….


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