Christmas Decorations

This year for a variety of reasons I can’t go all out with the Christmas decorations so decided to try some simple paper cut trimmings.  Simple, effective and they don’t take up too much space and if you’re a bit strapped for cash they’re also cheap as chips to make.

All you need is some heavy weight paper (I used a couple of pages from a cheap watercolour pad); a cutting mat, cheap paper to draw your designs, a scalpel, some scissors, pen and sellotape.

Start by creating your designs on your cheaper paper – you need to put a bit of thought into this as you have to consider how the shape will hold together.

Christmas decorations1

When you’re happy with your design and have blocked out your cut out areas place over your heavier weight paper and sellotape to a cutting mat and carefully cut out your blocked out areas.  I’d suggest you cut all the inside shape before finally cutting the outline with scissors.

Baubles are the obvious starting point but you can mix it up with other Christmas themed shapes

If you’re interested in paper cutting and want a more professional take check out this blog from Strathmore – 10 tips for papercutting success




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