Black and White Through and Through

A subject close to my heart apparently on this date (9th of December) in 1892 Newcastle United football club was formed.  We were clearly a bit slow off the mark in the North East as Notts County was formed 30 years prior to this date in 1862.

A very brief history of the club

The first record of football being played in Tyneside dates from 1877 at Elswick Rugby Club in the west end of the city but NUFC seems to have emerged from the east end – the Stanley Cricket Club based in Byker.  In 1882 the Byker club renamed as Newcastle East End FC to avoid confusion with a club in Stanley, County Durham located on the other side of the Tyne.  A little later this club merged with another Byker based club, Rosewood F.C. and moved from Byker to Heaton (an area I lived in before I moved abroad in 2000).

Not to out done the Elswick club renamed the Newcastle West end club moved to play at St. James Park in 1886 and the two clubs East versus West became rivals in the Northern league.

In 1889 Newcastle East End turned professional but the fortunes of the West end weren’t so rosy, finding themselves in serious financial difficulties they approached their east end rivals in the hope of a take over.  The two clubs merged and the East End club took over the lease of St James’ Park in May 1892, where they still play today.  Unusually for Premier League clubs we’ve managed to keep our location in the heart of the city.

St James Park

With a united club, the fans also united behind one team and changed their name to reflect a single city.  Apparently a number of names were considered including Newcastle F.C., Newcastle Rangers, Newcastle City and City of Newcastle, but on 9 December 1892 they decided on Newcastle United Football Club.  The club also adopted the famous black and white strip early, with the strip selected as the colours weren’t associated with either of the two teams United were merged from.

Believe or not despite our terrible record in recent history the club has had its share of successes .


For many the club will always be associated with Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer, Bobby Robson, Peter Beardsley, Malcolm MacDonald, Paul Gascoigne, Jacky Millburn etc but here a whole host of other famous players –

The story of the club’s crest


fingers crossed we get a result today!

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