Christmas Wreaths

I’ve struggled this year to find the time for any Christmas makes so I thought I’d share some ideas from some very talented crafters.

Snowflake wreath from The Ballard Bunch.  I’m amazed how effective this is.  The make itself is really straightforward and uber contemporary but against a dark door it looks fantastic.

snowflake wreath
Snowflake wreath from The Ballard Bunch


Snowball wreath from Daisy Mae Bell – I love the simplicity of this.  When people learn craft techniques they seem to over complicate the final designs, you see this a lot on the front pages of craft magazines but this blogger has created something that is stunning in its simplicity

Snowball wreath by Daisy Mae Belle

Rag wreath – from Little Birdie Secrets, this one looks a bit more complex than the other two but again really effective.  I think its the use of a single colour, especially such a strong colour choice that gives it such stand out.

rag wreath
Rag Wreath from Little Birdie Secrets

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