We’re all familiar with the Disney story but I’m probably not alone in admitting that I’ve never read the original novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by the Italian writer Carlo Lorenzini.  Lorenzini born 24th November 1826 was an author and journalist, writing under the pen name Carlo Collodi

original Pinocchio illustration
Original art by Enrico Mazzanti

Pinocchio who has become a much loved, iconic character of children’s fiction starts life as a wooden puppet created by Geppetto, who dreams about becoming a real boy.  His most famous character trait being his tendency to lie which results in his nose growing, a visible signal of his deceit.

The adventures, like all children’s stories of the time was a morality tale and the original was apparently a tragedy with Pinocchio suffering for his deception, ending with his execution by hanging carried out by the Fox and the Cat.  A storyline Disney thankfully chose not to pursue.  Disney played down the really bad characteristics of his central actor, giving him an innocence and naivety and likeable mischievousness.

So instead of gruesome tragedy we have a morality tale where Pinocchio after experiencing the big wide world ultimately reforms his wicked ways and transforms into a real life boy.

If you interested in reading more about the charming wooden character there a good article in the New Yorker that’s worth a read  What the Original “Pinocchio” Really Says About Lying

Oh and here’s my little homage to Pinocchio

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