Día de Muertos: Day of the Dead

Day of The Dead

Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos or sometimes known as Día de los Muertos)  is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout the country, but also in other countries around the world, in particular the US. It is a three day celebration of past families and friends, beginning on October 31st, and ending on November 2nd.

On All Hallows Eve, children make an altar to invite the spirits of dead children to come back to visit during the festival.

November 1st is All Saints Day, where adults who have passed are invited to visit.

November 2nd is All Souls Day where families will pay visits to local cemeteries to decorate graves to honour the lives of their relatives.

Having been lucky enough to visit Mexico City, the imagery around the churches and cathedrals all year round is really impressive. Dolls, Puppets and Marionettes, paintings and sculptures, not to mention the make up are beautifully morbid.

Below you can see the Rag Tag Magpie version that we put together. Meet Del, our little tribute to Day of the Dead, named after one of our favourite Mexican artists, Guillermo del Toro

Remember, you can always contact us to buy any of the Rag Tag dolls…just contact us at the address above.



Del Torro

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