Simple Christmas card design

As we’re heading towards December I thought I’d share some Christmas card designs in case you’re thinking about making your own cards. This modern Christmas tree  design must be one of the simplest to create so if you have a lot of cards to send its perfect for making large volumes and you don’t need many supplies. There are two different ways to make the … Continue reading Simple Christmas card design

Postbox Design Christmas cards

These cards are a bit fiddly to make so not ideal if you need a lot of cards but if you’re only planning to make a few they’re ideal. All you need is some coloured red card, white paper, scissors, double sided tape or glue and a black pen. Here’s a template of the basic shapes you’ll need Start by cutting the pillar box shape … Continue reading Postbox Design Christmas cards

2019 Calendar Printable

This year I did a bit of design work for my husband as he’s been doing some talks on publishing and also wanted to give his writing blog Fiction and More a bit of facelift. As I had all of the design collateral I thought I’d pull together a writing themed calendar for any budding authors out there – enjoy! You can download all 12 … Continue reading 2019 Calendar Printable


We’re all familiar with the Disney story but I’m probably not alone in admitting that I’ve never read the original novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by the Italian writer Carlo Lorenzini.  Lorenzini born 24th November 1826 was an author and journalist, writing under the pen name Carlo Collodi Pinocchio who has become a much loved, iconic character of children’s fiction starts life as a wooden … Continue reading Pinocchio

Garland Christmas Card

Here’s another simple design if you’re planning on making Christmas cards this year – a glittery garland. To make the card all you need is a square blank greetings card, some glittering metallic card, double sided tape or glue, a black liner pen and a couple of different size cups or jars circular in shape.  It also helps if you have a star punch as … Continue reading Garland Christmas Card