Halloween Table Centre Piece

Last year I created a haunted house for our Halloween centre piece so this year I decided to go for something a bit different so we have a witches shoes decoration.

To make you’ll need cardboard, masking tape, newspapers, PVA glue, paints and coloured paper

Start but making some shoes from cardboard – there’s no set pattern as it is easier to shape this as you go along.  Fix the pieces of card together with masking tape – don’t use sellotape as the paper mache won’t stick.

Once you’re happy with the overall shape mix some PVA glue with a little water and cover the shoes in a thin layer of newspaper strips soaked in the glue.  Leave overnight so it dries slightly then apply a couple more layers.

paper mache shoes

Once dry I coated the shoes in linseed oil to firm them up more but this is optional.

Once dry coat the shoes in a thin layer of paint and leave for a couple of weeks to dry.

painted shoes

Then you get to the fun part – painting and embellishing….

and fill with goodies

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