How to make your own Frankenstein Doll

Little Frankenstein

So with Halloween approaching I thought I’d create a little Frankenstein Rag Tag.

It doesn’t take much skill, just a little imagine.

All you need to get started are some scraps of material, some filler, needle and thread and ideally access to a sewing machine.

You start by creating a pattern and once you’re happy with the basic shapes pin them onto fabric and cut out the various sections.

For the face I wanted to sew the eyes and nose by machine so make sure you do this before you sew the two heads sections together.  To add a bit of texture I stuffed the nose and eye lids with a small piece of filler.


Start by sewing the limbs, leaving an opening so that you can stuff them with filler.  Once you have all of the limbs sewing them together – this bit is easier to do by hand.

work in progress

Once you have the full body complete you can start to add some clothes.  I used a section of an old jacket to make his jacket.  You don’t need to be an expert at sewing, simply cut the various sections and pin to the doll as you go until you have the shapes you want.  Then the fun bit – you get to add detail like patches, a tie, etc.

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