Spiral Drawings

ok so they aren’t actually drawings of spirals but this was a technical that one of the teachers on the Sketchbook Skool Urban Sketching course explained and its really helped me in my drawing so I thought I’d share it.

The teacher in question was illustrator Miguel Herranz he suggests that when capturing a scene you start drawing an object at the centre of the scene, placing this in the centre of your page/spread then you grow the drawing around this.  You draw whatever sits to its left-hand side, right-hand side, above and below and so organically your drawing emerges in a spiral.  It sounds odd and as a technique goes against everything I’d heard before about sketching in the basic shapes of the scene to make sure it all fits on the page but its so liberating.

Probably not the best sketches to illustrate but I started with the brown paper container just to the right of the centre line on the page and grew the drawing from their.


It’s definitely worth a go…

spiral 2

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