Last of My NYC Sketches

As the weather was really nice and our feet rather sore towards the end of our trip we spent an hour in Washington Square were I managed a couple of small in situ sketches of the buildings peering over the tree lines.

Washington Park

Another first for us on our last NYC trip was a visit to Brooklyn.

Rather than walking over the bridge which was mobbed with tourists even fairly early in the morning we took a bus, getting off at Juniors where we sampled the famous cheesecake.  Usually these things are hugely disappointing but the cheesecake was gorgeous – heavy but delicious.

We walked this off by getting lost in Brooklyn, eventually making our way down to DUMBO, courtesy of Google Maps.

Its a really nice trendy area, cobblestone streets, converted warehouse buildings,  independent boutiques, high-end restaurants and trendy cafes and amazing view that feel like you’ve stepped on a film set.

I even did a bit of shopping although my travelling companions were somewhat underwhelmed with purchase of the sputnik


So here’s my Brooklyn spread

Brooklyn spread

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