NYC Sketching

Usually when we’re in New York I hit the galleries in a big way but this year having checked out the what’s on there weren’t many exhibitions I really wanted to see.  A few seemed to be showcasing works that we had already caught in London but one did stand out and had the added bonus of being in a gallery I had never visited.

The Neue Gallerie had an exhibition of one of my favourite artists, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt and having never seen Schiele’s work in the flesh I was really keen to visit.  It certainly wasn’t a disappointment, despite being a very small collection (only 3 rooms) the exhibition was beautifully curated and the gallery environment was great.

En route to the gallery we also popped into St Bartholomew’s church.


We didn’t actually walk through Grand Central terminal on this day but later in the break we did and I managed a little sketch of the clock on the information desk.  I would have liked to do a few more drawings in the station but I actually felt quite overwhelmed and intimidated by the whole thing so wasn’t sure where to start.

Grand Central Terminal

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